“Dr. Maynard is a brilliant, talented, and kindhearted teacher. She helped me accomplish vocal and performance goals that I had long struggled with. She took great care in making sure I had everything that I needed to succeed, and I can’t praise her enough!”

-Rachel, music educator

“As a singer with over 15 years of training, I met Marlayna during my Masters program. Her guidance and ingenious teachings were a tremendous stepping stone for the use of my voice not just as a performer, but as a music therapist. She reminded me that my voice is both a tool for my clients and for myself. She helped me get over a vocal plateau I had struggled with post undergraduate school. Marlayna is funny, jovial, and kind hearted. She is a great teacher for singers of all ages and skills levels. I’m so blessed to have worked with her at Radford University!”

-Melinda, music therapist

“My time in Marlayna Maynard’s studio was fulfilling, eye-opening, and full of growth. She was so kind and patient, and pushed me in the best way, every lesson. Her critiques were always very purposeful and clear, which made recital preparations extremely productive. In a word, I am grateful to have had the opportunity and privilege to be in Marlayna’s studio.” –

-Zoë, performer

“Dr. Maynard is a wonderful teacher. Her knowledge of different pedagogical strategies is really only balanced by her care for her students! As a former student, I grew a lot in a very short amount of time! She’s a wonderful teacher to work with and is a wealth of knowledge to draw upon!”

-Tim, music educator

“Dr. Maynard was an incredibly encouraging private voice teacher who helped me grow immensely as a vocalist and musician. She gave me challenging repertoire and had great exercises for tackling new music which in turn gave me more confidence in performance and the practice room. Dr. Maynard had a wide background of experiences to share with me and is an overall wonderful person to learn from. I highly recommend her teaching!”

-Fiona, music industry intern

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