The “Vittoria, mio core!” blooper reel

Today is Day 5 of my social distancing recording project, 24 Arias in 24 Days. The plan was to record a nice video of myself singing and playing “Vittoria, mio core” by Giacomo Carissimi. It’s a piece I’ve sung many times before, and I did not expect it to be difficult. But, as we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I gave into my tendency to worry and stay up late the night before. My voice does not usually work well after a night of sleeplessness. Neither does my brain! I did not want to post a video that didn’t live up to my artistic standards or represent my voice well, but I did want to keep sharing something each day for the project. So, I made a blooper reel from some of my false starts (and false endings!) from today’s attempted recording. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. I do plan to record this piece again on a different day when I’m feeling better rested.

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