Marlayna Maynard, DMA

Serving clients in Nashville and nationwide

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Singing Lessons

Whether you are just starting out or a pro looking for techniques to improve your endurance and artistry, voice lessons can help you reach your goals. I hold a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Memphis, where I studied opera and classical singing. I work with singers in a variety of genres on improving their vocal function and efficiency, using the Blaylock Vocal Method and over a decade of teaching and performing experience.

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Piano Lessons

Piano is a fun and versatile instrument for all ages. With piano clients, I work from the Piano Pronto method books, which offer an exciting and motivating experience of playing familiar melodies while developing foundational techniques for beginning and intermediate students.

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Trans Voice

Some transgender and non-binary folks may wish to change the way that they speak or sing to more fully reflect their gender identity. I use Liz Jackson Hearns’ book One Weird Trick: A User’s Guide to Transgender Voice as a guide for this work. Working with a voice professional can provide many benefits, which will vary as each client’s voice and experiences are unique.